Relaxing Day with Yoga and Husky Therapy, Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort, Wild Nordic Finland @wildnordicfinlandRelaxing Day with Yoga and Husky Therapy, Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort, Wild Nordic Finland @wildnordicfinland
Wild Nordic General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

This section gives you quick and easy access to the questions and answers we’re asked most frequently. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us!

Photo: Wild Nordic Finland

Do I have to book in advance or can I just come to your office and join the tours?

Yes, we highly recommend that you book your tour in advance so you are not disappointed and miss out on your tour of choice, especially in December as this is our busiest time of the winter season.

If you don’t have time to pre-book, you are always welcome to our office and we will do our best to find the suitable options for you.

Do you provide wheelchair accessible tours?

We offer a selection of tours which are accessible for disabled or wheelchair bound travellers.

For example:

  • If the person is able to sit in the sleigh without any special support, he/she can take part of any snowmobile tour, as we can pack the wheelchair/crutches to the sleigh. However, we do not recommend the longer tours due to the cold, the bumpiness of the tracks and the length of tour.
  • Reindeer tours are also possible if the person is willing to stay in the sleigh for the whole tour, as the wheelchair is too big to pack with in the reindeer sleigh. Having it gives a chance to move around in the farm during the visit.
  • He/she can join also our husky tours if the seating positions with legs stretched out is suitable.

For all those tours a personal carer (who knows the techniques of lifting) is required.

For guests using a motorised wheelchair, we provide a light foldable wheelchair as a replacement. It is also possible to install skis to the wheels in order to make moving in snow easier.

If you wish to join our snowmobile tours, husky or reindeer tours then please let us know ( [email protected] ) and we will find a suitable solution for you.

Do you provide transportation to your tours?

Most of our tours (please see specifications under each tour) include transfers from main accommodations in Rovaniemi city centre and it is included in the tour price. Transfers from accommodation located further out from the city can be arranged at an additional cost. The pick up is usually 30 – 60 minutes before the start of the tour. Transportation back is immediately after the end of the tour. If you would like to stay in Santa Claus Village, you can skip our transfer back and use the shuttle bus service or a taxi later.

Would the price of the tour be different if we do not need the transfers?

The price of the tour is the same, no matter if you use our transportation option or not.

How big are the groups on your tours?

We believe in personalized service and our groups are small compared to many other tour operators. Most of the time it is a maximum of 7 snowmobiles going out with one guide. During the high season groups can also be a bit bigger. If this is the case, then another guide will join you .

What kind of clothing do I need to wear if I have a tour?

To make sure your days on our tours are enjoyable, we will provide the following thermal outdoor clothing to be used during the tours (unless stated otherwise in the tour description). If you wish, you can wear your own clothing and boots during our tours but we strongly recommend using our special equipment.

  • Thermal overall
  • Balaclava mask (on snowmobile tours)
  • Woolen socks
  • Winter boots
  • Scarf (if needed)
  • Mittens – Helmet (on snowmobile tours)

If the day tour you’re joining includes the use of thermal clothing, you’re welcome to arrive dressed in your normal clothes. However, especially on tours lasting more than two hours we would recommend considering the following clothing of your own:

  • Long thermal underwear
  • Sport or ski socks worn under woolen socks
  • Trousers: loose-fitting, fleece, softshell or similar
  • Sweater: wool, fleece or similar warm material
  • Neck warmer instead of scarf if you want
  • Warm hat
  • Your own jacket to be worn under the overall if the temperatures are close to -15 °C or lower

If the outdoor tour you are joining does not include the use of winter clothing, please make sure to bring your own winter boots, weatherproof jacket, trousers and gloves, in addition to the equipment listed above. Wild Nordic is also happy to rent out the winter clothing for 20€/person/day.

Can I take my luggage with me on your tours?

It is completely alright to have your luggage with you when participating in our programs. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance about anything bigger than what fits on your lap during the tour pick up, to make sure we have enough space in the vehicle.

Ask from the driver or your guide about the best place to store your luggage during the tour itself. On most of the tours there is a warm place to keep these for the duration of the program.

If you wish to store your luggage in our office for longer than the duration of your tour, please note additional fees may apply.

Your website says you need a minimum of 2 people paying full price to join a tour. I am travelling alone and do not want to pay extra. What can I do?

You can join an already scheduled tour where we have other participants. This way you only pay for yourself. Please let us know ( [email protected] ) the dates when you would like to join the activities and we will be happy to make it happen.

I need to cancel or change my tour booking. How should I proceed?

For cancellations and changes, please inform Wild Nordic via email at [email protected] and specify the reservation number. Please check our cancellation policy here .

When is the best time to see the northern lights?

The best time to see the northern lights is when the sky is clear of any clouds. Some people claim the aurora comes out when temperatures are colder. This is not the case – it is just that when the skies are cloudless, temperatures tend to drop. The northern lights are seen, most commonly, between 17:00 and 02:00. They do not usually exhibit for long – they may only show for a few minutes, then glide away before returning. A good display may last for no longer than a quarter of an hour to half an hour.

However, if you are lucky, it could extend to a couple of hours or longer. The waxing and waning of the moon makes no difference to the northern lights. While a full moon lightens the sky, and may therefore reduce the visual intensity of a display, the northern lights may be seen at all stages of the moon’s cycle. In fact, seeing the Northern Lights behind a full moon is quite a spectacular sight.

If we do not see the northern lights on the northern lights tour, will you give us a refund?

Northern lights are a natural wonder and therefore we cannot guarantee seeing them during the tour. Seeing the northern lights always depends on the weather and timing but finally you also need a lot of luck. We cannot refund any money or give you a new tour if you do not see the northern lights during your tour but we will do our very best that you will enjoy your experience with or without them.

Can I have my tours privately?

We are happy to arrange our programs privately – just send an email inquiry to [email protected] and we will look into available options. With private tours the starting times can in most cases be adjusted to your needs. The pricing of different private tours should always be checked separately.

Safety on the tour

All our guides have undertaken our own training program. Each snowmobile tour begins instructions during which the participants are briefed on driving techniques and safety rules. We provide guidance in English; some language options are available at an additional cost.