Accommodation in Karelian Village

The Karelian Village at Bomba in Nurmes is located right next to the famous Bomba house and right one the beach of Lake Pielinen. The whole area is built with a traditional Karelian-style architecture and it tells the story of a colorful history as a meeting point between the West and the East.

Photo: Wild Nordic Finland

Outdoor activity services such as equipment rental or guided tours are available throughout the year at the safari house of Wild Nordic Finland Bomba, which is located between the Bomba house and Break Sokos Hotel Bomba at the shore.

Restaurants and Spa of Bomba area are also in service to clients of Karelian Village during their opening hours. Lake Pielinen and it’s beautiful beach are right next to the Karelian Village. There is also a unique Karelian-style restaurant located about half an hour drive away from the Bomba house which offers the best local food.