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Welcome to Bomba!

Come and enjoy your time at Bomba at the beautiful shore of Lake Pielinen. Go for a hike in the breathtaking nature of Nurmes, pamper yourself on a lake with the most beautiful landscape and get to know North-Karelian culture and accomodation. Whether you plan to stay longer or look for a short escape into nature, from us you’ll find accomodation, activities and equipment for the whole family all year round.

Photo: Wild Nordic Finland

Lakes and hills are the core elements of the surroundings of Bomba and Nurmes area. The heart of this area is Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest Lake of Finland. Also Karelian culture is strongly present at Bomba.

If you’re looking for the beauty of nature, silence and peace, unique culture and the calming effect of lakes and rivers, Bomba is the place to visit.

In the Karelian Village of Wild Nordic you’ll find comfortable and hospitable accommodation. Our various activity programs and equipment rental enable you an effortless approach to the culture, sights and nature of the area.

Bomba house and Karelian Village

Bomba / Karjalaiskylä, mökit talvella. Wild Nordic Finland @wildnordicfinland
Photo: Studio Korento

The Bomba House and Karelian village radiate Karelian architecture and culture. The main attraction of the Karelian village is the Bomba House, the architecture of which tells you of the colorful history of the area as a meeting point between West and East.

Around the Bomba house there are several houses, which together form an authentic Karelian-style village. They were constructed to fulfill the hospitality experience, when visitors arrived at the famous Bomba house. The village is located right next to the Bomba house and is only a short walk away from the Wild Nordic Finland safari house and Break Sokos Hotel Bomba. In the Karelian village you can also find a souvenir shop with local handicraft or have a small snack. Aso for entertainment there are different events, live performances and theme workshops.

Wild Nordic Finland offers accommodation in the Karelian Village, where you can also find our safari house with all kinds of activities for individual travelers. For groups, our programs offer fantastic possibilities, like having a Karelian-style dinner, learn how to make Karelian pies or have a guided tour where you hear the history of Bomba. For further information, please contact [email protected].

Lake Pielinen

Lakeland / Bomba, Lake Pielinen and boat in sunset. Wild Nordic Finland, @wildnordicfinland

Lake Pielinen is a famous destination for nature lovers and fishermen. It is the fourth largest lake in Finland and surrounded by majestic hills and dark pine forests. It is over 90 km long and even 30 km wide. There are almost 1500 islands on this lake and some of those are reachable with our guided tours. Some of them has a brilliant, smooth, sandy beach and you can enjoy the summer day just with your own company there.

Wild Nordic Finland safarihouse and also Karelian Village is located close to the beach and this offers us a great possibility to start our guided tours or equipment rental right from the beach! SUP boarding, canoeing, swimming, fishing and boating in the summer and ice fishing, snowmobiling, huskies and bikes in the wintertime – they are all done on lake Pielinen!

Other places to visit

Vanha kauppala / Puu-Nurmes (“Nurmes Old Town”)
In the heart of Nurmes you can find the protected and historically valuable Puu-Nurmes and Vanha Kauppala ridge area. The majority of the area’s building property dates from the 1880s to the 1930s, and therefore Puu-Nurmes is known as one of the best-preserved wooden house areas in Finland. The ridge offers magnificent views of Lake Nurmesjärvi and Lake Pielinen. Bomba is located 4 km from the city of Nurmes and you can for example rent a bike and have a day trip by yourself.

Churches and tsasounas
The Orthodox faith is known to have influenced the spiritual life of Lake Pielinen and the Karelia region already from the 1950. There are many Orthodox churches and tsasounas in the area of Nurmes, which are known for their incredibly beautiful architecture. The small tsanouna can also be found close to the Bomba Karelian Village.

Nature trails
There are many interesting nature sights and trails in the Bomba and Nurmes area.
Most of the trails are marked well and they have many nice places to have a rest or even make a campfire. You can get more information about the trails from our safari house.

Spa Bomba and beaches
Spa Bomba with its pampering saunas, outdoor jacuzzis and indoor pools is located close to the Karelian Village. You can also dip into the lake from this Spa, if you wish.

The closest beach is just at the Karelian village but also Nurmes city has great beaches closeby.

Koli National Park
Koli is a Finnish National Park that has inspired countless artists, poets, and authors since the Romantic era. A place from which you can draw inspiration time and time again. An hour’s drive from Bombaa you can find Koli National Park and the Finnish national landscape loved by both us Finns and travelers from far and wide. On its trails, you can wander and relax in the peace of the ancient forests of Koli and Lake Pielinen in all seasons.

Puukarin Pysäkki Guest House / Karelian Cuisine
Experience Karelian food heritage with wild herbs and products from the own farm. The heart of the kitchen is the traditional wood burning oven, in which the delicious food and delicacies of the Guesthouse are cooked and baked. Food is served in the warm atmosphere of the Guesthouse, at long tables in bowls and trays, where the food circles around the table from one diner to another. Besides excellent food, organic wine and local brewery’s good quality beer is enjoyed during meals. Meals will be hosted by Ms Anni Korhonen, the real Karelian lady, the owner of the Guesthouse.. Anni’s passion is Karelian cuisine and she uses local products and old traditions and recipes to charm each guest. Anni also plays “Kantele”, the Finnish traditional instrument.

How to get to Bomba

You can reach Bomba (Nurmes) from Helsinki by bus, train or aeroplane.

Flight from Helsinki (HEL) airport to the nearest airports Joensuu (JOE) or Kuopio (KUO) airport: 1 hour

By bus from Joensuu or Kuopio to bomba (Nurmes): 2–2,5 hours.

By train or own car from Helsinki to Nurmes (Bomba): 6 – 7 hours.

Wild Nordic Finland also organises private transfers from Helsinki or from Kuopio and Joensuu airports to Bomba.

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