Arctic Circle Wilderness ResortArctic Circle Wilderness Resort

Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

Surrounded by beautiful rapids of River Raudanjoki, lush shoreline forest and pristine nature, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort offers traditional Finnish log cabin accommodation. A romantic atmosphere, sounds of silence and good cuisine make the Resort a perfect holiday location for those who want to enjoy pure nature and hunt for northern lights not too far from Rovaniemi center.

Photo: Wild Nordic

The property is also called Vaattunki in Finnish and it is the gateway to the Arctic Circle Hiking Area, a wilderness destination ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. The hiking area’s network of trails is diverse and has a variety of hiking destinations and possibilities.

The location is easy to access at all times of the year – only a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi international airport and a ride to downtown takes 20 minutes by car.

What to Do in the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

The Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort is perfectly located away from the city lights – 25 km’s from Rovaniemi centre, nestled in the arctic forest, on the shores of Raudanjoki River and at the gateway to the Arctic Circle Hiking Area. This tranquil and peaceful setting allows you to unwind, de-stress and be at one with nature. There is ample opportunity to explore the natural surroundings, with several hiking trails starting from the resort area. The trails are accessible by foot throughout the year, but are best enjoyed by forest skis or snowshoes during the winter season when the amount of snow makes hiking by foot hard going. These are available to rent from the reception of the resort.

Located away from the lights of the city opens up great opportunities to observe the northern lights as well. Simply stepping out from your accommodation will provide you with a good location for seeing the lights. Good photo spots are in abundance and you can ask for tips from reception on where to walk for a great shot.

We also offer many exciting and wonderful safaris for you to enjoy, all with transfers from the resort. You can try your hand at snowmobiling, enjoy the thrill of a husky ride through the arctic forests of the area or even enjoy a peaceful reindeer ride. Have a look at activities at the resort and see what would interest you.

For those who simply want to relax and de-stress without the bother of wrapping up warm for the snowy conditions, the resort restaurant has a cosy lounge area with a fireplace where you can snuggle down on a sofa with a good book and get lost in your own world.

However you choose to un-wind on your holiday the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort will surely have an activity for you to enjoy.

FAQ Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

Can I travel to the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort by bus?

During the high season of winter there is a daily shuttle service running from Rovaniemi city centre to Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort. Find the schedule here. Outside of this time it is possible to travel to the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort by bus, but it is not the easiest option. The bus will drop you at Lehtikumpu 1 on the number 4 road and next to Vaattunkikönkääntie, the road at the end of which the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort is situated. From here it is a 2-kilometer walk down the road to the resort reception and accommodation. The buses depart from Rovaniemi bus station.

There is also the option of taking a local taxi from Rovaniemi city centre bus station, railway station and Rovaniemi airport. Private transfers can be ordered from us as well. These can be added to your accommodation booking and should be made at least 24 hours in advance. For further inquiries regarding transfers to the resort send us an email to [email protected] . Should you choose to come by car to the resort, then the address is: Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort, Vaattunkikönkääntie 219, 96939.

Is there a restaurant and shop on site?

There is a restaurant on site, in the same building as the reception. This is where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Meals can be added to your reservation booking or paid at the Wilderness Resort at least one in advance. Outside the high season the restaurant is mainly closed though can open on request for larger groups. There is no shop on site so it is recommended that you visit a supermarket on your way to the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort.

Is there access to a sauna?

There is a traditional Finnish sauna on site and it is on the shore of Raudanjoki River close to the reception and restaurant. Should you wish to enjoy the sauna during your visit please let reception know and they will give you a time slot. Bookings can be made at the reception on the day or preferably in advance. Please look here for additional information.

How can we book a tour whilst we are staying at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort?

During the winter season it is strongly recommended to have all your tours booked before you arrive in Rovaniemi to avoid the disappointment of missing out. You can also book your tour at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort reception. All bookings are also possible from our office in Santa Claus Village.

Can I see the northern lights from the Arctic Circle Wilderness resort?

The location of the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort – 25 km from Rovaniemi centre – means that you are away from light pollution, which can dramatically increase your chances of seeing the northern lights. Nestled on the shore of Raudanjoki River and surrounded by pristine nature, the location gives you ample chance to observe the amazing lights should they be active.

Are the hiking trails easily accessible from the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort?

The Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort is situated at the gateway to the Arctic Circle Hiking area. This area consists of well-marked hiking trails for all abilities and includes trails which are even suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs as some of the shorter hiking routes consist of wide duckboards. Even in the wintertime the routes are still accessible and well marked but of course, due to the snow, impassable by wheelchair or pushchair.

Can I use the snowshoes and forest skis during my stay at the arctic circle wilderness resort?

At the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort there is the opportunity to rent snowshoes or forest skis at your leisure. These can be rented at the reception. They are a very good way to explore the beautiful local surroundings and give great access to the wintry forests of the immediate area.

Do I need winter clothing while staying at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort?

It is highly recommended to either bring your warm and weatherproof winter clothing or rent an outfit package from us. The price is 20€/person/day and includes the following items: thermal overall, winter boots, warm gloves, woolen socks and a scarf. The Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort offers great possibilities for snow fun, easy hiking and northern lights hunting, but the cold temperatures of Lapland require you to dress up warmly. Please note that for some winter tours it is obligatory to wear our clothing.

How to Get to Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is situated in Finnish Lapland, right on the Arctic Circle. Despite the northern location, getting here is easy – Rovaniemi is well connected to the rest of the world via various means of transport. From abroad, the easiest way to get to Rovaniemi is by plane, either via Helsinki or direct. Inside Finland, Rovaniemi can be reached by plane, train, coach or car.

Flight connections Daily flights between Rovaniemi and Helsinki are operated by Finnair and Norwegian throughout the year. During the winter season, November – March, EasyJet and Norwegian operate direct flights from London Gatwick to Rovaniemi.

Train connections Finnish railroads are operated by state company VR . Rovaniemi is easy to reach by rail from many Finnish towns, with several trains running to and from Helsinki every day and a night train every evening. Trains run year round, despite the harsh weather at times.

Coach connections The coach services operated by Matkahuolto and Onnibus cover most of Finland’s road network and provide a well-priced option for getting to Rovaniemi.

Road connections Rovaniemi is easy to get to by car from all directions although distances can be long. If you plan on travelling around Lapland by car, be sure to allocate enough time for the long distances and changing weather conditions, particularly in the winter. Note that during the winter period of snow and ice it is compulsory to have winter studded tires on your car. Up-to-date information on road conditions is published by the Finnish Transport Agency .

Seasons in Rovaniemi

Summer facts

June – August Temperature +15 – +25 degrees (the hottest temperature recorded is +31,3 °C)

Daylight 24 hours Midnight sun brings with it wonderfully long sunlit days, meaning plenty of time for Summer Activities .

Activities include canoeing and boat trips on the lakes and rivers of the area, visiting huskies and reindeers, hiking, fat-biking, berry picking, sauna experiences and visiting Santa Claus.

Autumn facts

September – mid November Temperature -5 – +15 degrees

People head to the forests in search of berries and mushrooms. Aurora starts to dance in the night sky. The first snowfall is usually experienced by mid-November. The autumn colours of oranges, reds and yellows start to appear. To witness this transformation of colour enjoy one of our tours visit Autumn activities. Activities include berry and mushroom picking, nature photography, sauna experiences and visits to a local museum.

Winter facts

Mid-November – mid-April Temperature -5 – -30 degrees (the coldest temperature recorded is -45,3 °C) with rivers and lakes freezing over.

The shortest day of the year is December 21st or 22nd (varies annually), and thanks to being located right on the Arctic Circle, on this day, the sun doesn’t rise at all in Rovaniemi. Beautiful winter landscapes highlighted by the brightness of the snow which on average stays for 183 days of the year.

See the vast selection of our Winter Activities .

Spring facts

Mid-April – May Temperature -15 – +15 degrees

The snow starts to melt although many winter activities can still be enjoyed. The days get longer and warmer, the ice starts breaking up in the rivers and moves downstream in great floes.

Nature (flora and fauna) wakes up and Rovaniemi starts to become green again. In Ranua Wildlife Park you can witness the animals getting ready for the summer. The focus of the Activities in Rovaniemi includes both winter and summer experiences during this indecisive period.