A couple on a bridge lovingly looking at each other embracingA couple on a bridge lovingly looking at each other embracing
Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

Weddings & Celebrations

Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort is truly a picture perfect location for your exotic Lapland wedding. Feel the romance in hundreds of candles and celebrate your love under the starry sky or the midnight sun!

Photo: Petteri Löppönen

The nature at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort is enough as decoration and provides the perfect backdrop for taking stunning wedding photos! There are plenty of options for your wedding party and ceremony – outdoors at the beautiful yard or nearby easy hiking trails, in our charming Wilderness Hut and the atmospheric log restaurant. Since Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Claus, you could also invite a very special guest to the wedding as a present for your friends and family… Surprise is guaranteed for all guests!

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Getting married in Finland – the paperwork

We will assist you with the steps you need to take in order to be married in Finland and take care of the local arrangements on your behalf.

Local registry office instructions:

“If neither of the spouses is a Finnish national and neither of them have a place of residence in Finland, they must present an account stating, that marrying in Finland is allowed in their country of nationality or residence, in addition to the statement of marital status. The statement must be authenticated. If required, the statement must be translated, and if the translation is carried out abroad then the translation must also be authenticated.”

What you need:

– An authenticated account that your country allows you to marry in Finland

– A statement of marital status from his/her home country

Note: these documents may have to be translated and authenticated