Tahko aerial photo in summer, Lakeland / Wild Nordic Finland, @wildnordicfinlandTahko aerial photo in summer, Lakeland / Wild Nordic Finland, @wildnordicfinland
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Welcome to Tahko!

Tahko is a paradise for active holidays and entertainment, where sports events like Tahko Iron Man, Tahko MTB, Water Cross or other events such as Business Tahko, Tahko Oktoberfest are hosted. The rocky trails of the steep Tahko hills and lake area offer an exciting adventure, either with skiing, downhill skiing, mountain-biking or down-hill racing, enjoying the lake in a rowing boat, canoe or SUP-board.

Photo: Wild Nordic Finland

In the wintertime you can enjoy Tahko with guided snowmobile safari, snowshoeing trips and in the summertime hills offers great biking experiences and on the lakes you can have all possible summer activities, such as fishing, SUP boarding and cruise into the island.

Tahko Hill and nature trails


Tahko aerial photo in summer, Lakeland / Wild Nordic Finland, @wildnordicfinland
Photo: Wild Nordic Finland

When reaching Tahko hill, you can admire a beautiful landscape of forests and lakes. On the top of the hill, there is an observation tower, which you can also reach by a ski lift (in use also in the summertime), using nature trails or climbing all 1054 pieces of Tahko stairs!

There are excellent hiking and biking trails with places to have a campfire, wind shelters and different kinds of sights. Trails are well marked and our guides will tell you more, when renting equipment or booking a safari from us.

Lakes around Tahko

Tahko, Syväri / kesä-aktiviteetit, Villi Pohjola / Wild Nordic Finland @wildnordicfinland
Photo: Anu Mäkinen @mainas_kuva

Lake Syväri begins in the center of Tahko and it has many islands, where you can make a trip by canoe, SUP board or even by rowing boat. You can rent all equipment from us or guided tours according to your wishes. Rapids close by offers also a great place for fishermen and the best time to fish is during the Midnightm, when the sun does not go down at all in the summer.

Aholansaari Island

Tahko / Kesäpäivä Aholansaaressa, kesä-aktiviteetit, Villi Pohjola / Wild Nordic Finland @wildnordicfinland
Photo: Anu Mäkinen @mainas_kuva

The island Aholansaari was the home of the 18th century farmer and revivalist Paavo Ruotsalainen. It is nowadays a multifunctional camp and holiday center and also a great place to make a day visit. It offers modern accommodation, conference facilities for meetings, sauna and meal services. The heart of the island is the historically valuable Paavon pirtti – a cottage with a scent of smoke and full of atmosphere. This is a place where our guests can relax, surrounded by the beautiful nature.

With our weekly program, you can have a day trip to this island including ferry trip, guided tour and lunch. During the day you can just enjoy the summer and go for a swim on a beautiful beach on the island.

Seasons in Tahko

Summer facts

June – August

Daylight 12 – 19 hours Temperature +15 – +30 degrees Midnight sun brings with it wonderfully long sunlit days

Autumn facts

September – November

Temperature +5 – +15 degrees Indian summer (autumn colors)

Winter facts

December – March

Daylight 4 – 6 hours per day Beautiful winter landscapes highlighted by the brightness of the snow Temperature -5 – -30 degrees (snow guarantee from the middle of January)

Spring facts

April – May

Temperature +5 – +15 degrees Nature (flora and fauna) waking up and starts to come green again

How to get to Tahko

You can reach Tahko from Helsinki by bus, train or aeroplane.

Travelling by bus or train from Helsinki to Kuopio: 4-5 hours.

Flight from Helsinki (HEL) airport to Kuopio (45 min – 1 hour in duration), which is the biggest city in the area and it has an international airport (KUO).

Local bus between Kuopio and Tahko (Nilsiä): 1 h. Distance between Kuopio and Tahko is 60 km.

Travelling by car from Helsinki straight to Tahko: 6-7 hours.

Wild Nordic Finland also organises private transfers from Helsinki and Kuopio airports to Tahko.

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