The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Wild Nordic Finland DMC is eager to assist you in organizing Lakeland experiences for travel parties of any size.
Finnish Lakeland is the largest lake area in Europe with some of the cleanest lakes in the world, 55 000 in total.
Along with beautiful forest landscapes and rolling hills it gives you spectacular scenery to admire throughout your stay.
All this added with quality and unique accommodation, restaurants and cultural sights, Lakeland offers a great destination for you to enjoy!

Unforgettable experiences

In summer, spring and autumn the lakes are open and free from ice so you can enjoy a day on a river cruise boat or a safari boat, a canoe tour, fishing, Stand Up Paddling or just go swimming in our pure waters. 
In the summer and autumn our forests are full of “natural gold” also known as berries and mushrooms.
In the winter time the pristine lakes become frozen and with that new opportunities open up from ice skating to cross country skiing, husky rides to snowmobile safaris, ice fishing to ice swimming and even ice floating.

The way we work

Relay on us for skilled and professional planning and execution of your travel program in Lakeland.
We are happy to offer you inspirational ideas and help with any arrangements - private trips, group experiences, meetings, incentives, conferences and events.
Our team is motivated to provide good and professional service.

Summer facts

June - August

Daylight 12 - 19 hours
Temperature +15 - +30 degrees
Midnight sun brings with it wonderfully long sunlit days

Autumn facts

September - November

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Indian summer (autumn colors)

Winter facts

December - March

Daylight 4 - 6 hours per day
Beautiful winter landscapes highlighted by the brightness of the snow
Temperature -5 - -30 degrees
(snow guarantee from the middle of January)

Spring facts

April - May

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Nature (flora and fauna) waking up and starts to come green again

You can reach Lakeland from Helsinki by bus, train or aeroplane. There are flights (45 min - 1 hour in duration) to Lakeland airports from Helsinki (HEL) airport. Kuopio is the capital of Lakeland and it has an international airport (KUO). Other airports in the area are Joensuu (JOE), Savonlinna (SVL) and Lappeenranta (LPP).

Travelling by bus or train from Helsinki: 2,5 – 4 hours (depending on a destination).

Wild Nordic Finland also organises private transfers from Helsinki to the Lakeland area or from airports within Lakeland to different destinations.