Special Dining Experiences


Local food, pure ingredients, personal service and excellent atmosphere - these are the materials, which are shown in Lakeland restaurants.
Most of the ingredients come from the lakes and forests such as fish, meat, berries, mushrooms and wild herbs. Each restaurant also tells a story through their menus about the life, culture and history in Lakeland and the mentality of people living here.

Restaurant “Piikatyttö” and Wine cellar, Rantasalmi

Restaurant Piikatyttö provides local delicacies in the historical and Savonian atmosphere. There is room for 150 guests.

Guesthouse Puukarin Pysäkki

Experience Karelian food heritage with wild herbs and products grown on the farm all cooked in a traditional wood oven.

Sahanlahti Resort

Unforgettable experiences in the stunning setting on the shore of Lake Saimaa – the glinting Lake Saimaa can be seen from our restaurant tables.

Restaurant Rehti, Kuopio (Tahko)

This restaurant is cosy but sophisticated restaurant in the centre of Tahko. Here you can get always seasonal and mostly local dishes.

Restaurant Waahto, Savonlinna

Waahto is a pleasant restaurant in the centre of Savonlinna, by the lake Saimaa. You can enjoy the restaurant’s unique scenery all year round.

Restaurant at Tertti Manor

Tertti Manor offers the charms of bygone years with the conveniences of the modern world nicely packaged together in this exquisite place.

Restaurant at nostalgic vicarage building Kenkävero

This meticulously restored parsonage milieu of Kenkävero prides itself on being the biggest and most beautiful parsonage in Finland.

Lumberjack’s Lodge

At the Lumberjack’s Lodge, accompanied by music from the accordion and a delicious buffet meal featuring local delicacies, you will be enchanted by stories of the lumberjack life.

Restaurant at Hotel Punkaharju

Hotel Punkaharju restaurant offers delicious meals, in which local products and natural ingredients play a key role.

Gastropub Kolin Ryynänen

This atmospheric gastropub is located in the middle of Koli village on the way to the National Park Koli. Already the building itself is a historical and and it is kept in its original shape.

Utran Uittotupa

Utran Uittotupa offers quality food for bigger parties also and excellent sauna premises for small groups.

Restaurant Pehku, Kuopio (Tahko)

Pehku is a unique restaurant on the top of Tahko. Endowed with breathtaking scenery and a relaxed atmosphere.


If you are interested in Karelia, you should head to Pappeinvaara, Ilomantsi. Marjo Niiranen, will welcome you warmly and the fair maidens of the hills will lead you to fest upon the Karelian delicacies.

Koivumäki Manor

Since 1792 in Koivumäki farm, people have been living amongst Finnish nature and culture, enjoying fresh food, beautiful atmosphere, peace and power of daily life.

Restaurant at Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna

Are you planning on organizing a great feast? In the great banquet halls of Olavinlinna, that is a possibility. Welcome to the Olavinlinna castle!

Summer facts

June - August

Daylight 12 - 19 hours
Temperature +15 - +30 degrees
Midnight sun brings with it wonderfully long sunlit days.

Autumn facts

September - November

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Indian summer (autumn colors)

Winter facts

December - March

(snow guarantee from the middle of January)
Daylight 4 - 6 hours per day
Beautiful winter landscapes highlighted by the brightness of the snow
Temperature -5 - -30 degrees

Spring facts

April - May

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Nature (flora and fauna) waking up and starts to come green again

You can reach Lakeland from Helsinki by bus, train or aeroplane. There are flights (45 min - 1 hour in duration) to Lakeland airports from Helsinki (HEL) airport. Kuopio is the capital of Lakeland and it has an international airport (KUO). Other airports in the area are Joensuu (JOE), Savonlinna (SVL) and Lappeenranta (LPP).

Travelling by bus or train from Helsinki: 2,5 – 4 hours (depending on a destination).

Wild Nordic Finland also organises private transfers from Helsinki to the Lakeland area or from airports within Lakeland to different destinations.