Travel ideas:

Come visit us in the summer!

Summer in Lakeland offers the midnight sun, long nightless nights and warm temperatures.

Summer days are generally spent on the lakes of the area, enjoying the many water activities on offer, hiking in the forests or relaxing in the saunas and spas of the area.

Sauna and spa

Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture. Originally it was a place for physical and spiritual cleansing, and nowadays it is a place for relaxation at least once a week.
After a day's activities there is nothing more relaxing than to go for a sauna and swim in a fresh lake. Almost all accommodation venues in Lakeland provide their own sauna. There are, also, several special saunas in the area for you to sample, from traditional wood burning saunas to smoke saunas. Along with unique spa experiences, Lakeland offers a relaxing time for all.

Design and gastronomy

Finnish Lakeland offers unique gastronomy and design venues for you to sample also.
Many of the ingredients are sourced locally from the freshwater lakes and pristine forests of the area and many of the venues are styled with the Lakeland area in mind. You could spend a day in one place or we could make you a package and combine different places for you during the day.

Active holidays

With our forests full of berries and mushrooms, marked with endlessly meandering trails, wildlife to excite all the family, moments of peacefulness and tranquility mixed with action, Lakeland has options for all to enjoy!
We offer activities such as hiking, E-Fatbiking, berry picking, foraging for mushrooms and quad bike experiences. The pristine waterways of the Lakeland area also open up great opportunities for exploration. Take a fishing trip with an experienced fisherman who will show you the secret spots for the perfect catch (and even help you to grill your fish after you have finished on the water), enjoy a relaxing canoe trip around the many islands which dot the waterways of the Lakeland area, kayak through the river rapids or go stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. For the active traveler the options are endless.

Culture and nature

The Lakeland area enjoys a rich and diverse culture, with a mix of Finnish and Russian influences coming together to give you the Karelian culture of the area. 
The culture is mixing both old and new, embracing the qualities of the area such as the lakes through Spa Resorts and opening up the past with visits to Valamo Monastery or a visit to Olavinlinna Castle of Savonlinna. Nature and everything it has to offer is embraced with open arms by people of the area and nurtured through the sometimes harsh seasons of Lakeland. Trips to the forests give you an opportunity to berry pick or forage for mushrooms, enjoy the abundant wildlife, and find your inner peace. Heading out onto the waterways of Lakeland opens up the opportunity of fishing and even seeing the very rare Saimaa ringed seal basking in the sun.

Lakeland’s wondrous waters

The best way to experience the beautiful tranquil environment of Lakeland is to enjoy a cruise or safari on one of the many waterways the area has to offer.
There are different kinds of boats available depending on the customer’s demands; old steam boats and wooden boats from a bygone era, luxury yachts, safari boats or jet skis. Cruises and safaris can last for days at a time fun filled with different activities, or boats can be used for transfers from town to town. Only moving on the waterways can one reach some of the most beautiful canals and islands of the Lakeland area. 

Summer facts

June - August

Daylight 12 - 19 hours
Temperature +15 - +30 degrees
Midnight sun brings with it wonderfully long sunlit days

Autumn facts

September - November

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Indian summer (autumn colors)

Winter facts

December - March

(snow guarantee from the middle of January)
Daylight 4 - 6 hours per day
Beautiful winter landscapes highlighted by the brightness of the snow
Temperature -5 - -30 degrees

Spring facts

April - May

Temperature +5 - +15 degrees
Nature (flora and fauna) waking up and starts to come green again

You can reach Lakeland from Helsinki by bus, train or aeroplane. There are flights (45 min - 1 hour in duration) to Lakeland airports from Helsinki (HEL) airport. Kuopio is the capital of Lakeland and it has an international airport (KUO). Other airports in the area are Joensuu (JOE), Savonlinna (SVL) and Lappeenranta (LPP).

Travelling by bus or train from Helsinki: 2,5 – 4 hours (depending on a destination).

Wild Nordic Finland also organises private transfers from Helsinki to the Lakeland area or from airports within Lakeland to different destinations.