Outfit Rental

Temperatures in Levi vary between -5 °C and -35 °C during winter. It is important to dress well, so you can enjoy the amazing outdoor activities we have to offer. If you follow our recommendations you will be comfortable regardless of the temperature! Please remember the most important thing is having layers of clothing; they do not need to be thick but there needs to be several of them. Also, make sure your hair is always dry before leaving from the hotel.

Your own clothes:
- Long-sleeved thermal underwear
- Socks: thin cotton socks on bottom, woolen socks on top
- Trousers: loose-fitting, fleece, cotton or similar 
- Shirt: loose-fitting, high collar, cotton or similar 
- Sweater: wool, fleece or similar

It is also important to dress your children for the weather.

On our safaris we provide the following clothing:
- Winter boots: at least one size bigger than your usual size. Air in the boot keeps your feet warm.
- Thermal overall: one size bigger than your usual size
- Mittens

This clothing can be worn over your own winter jacket and pants if the weather is very cold. 
 On a snowmobile safari you will also receive a fleece balaclava and a helmet.

We understand that many visitors may not have the correct equipment for the snow conditions and cold temperatures we experience daily here in Lapland so we are happy to rent you a full package of winter clothing. With this clothing you will be able to enjoy the magical winter of Lapland.

Price: 20€/person/day

The equipment can be fitted and picked up at our office in Levi center or we can deliver to your hotel (extra fees will apply).
Please send an inquiry to levi@wildnordic.fi

Dressing at the airport
If you have booked a transfer by snowmobile or a similar service from the airport, or you would like to change to our winter clothing when you arrive, we can arrange for these to be at the airport when you arrive and reserve a dressing room for your use.
Please send us an inquiry to levi@wildnordic.fi