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Activities for Adults

Guided SUP-board tour

Price from

55 €

Price from

55 €

Available:  Summer
Duration:  3 hours
Price:  55 € / Adult
55 € / Child
Destination:  Bomba
Activities, Water activities

Go for a safe SUP-board trip with our guide on Lake Pielinen. This guided tour is suitable for youths and adults with an average physical endurance. On the trip we paddle to the shore of Hyvärilä and back and the length is about 5,5 km. We enjoy a snack to refresh our energy, there you also have the possibility to go swimming.

We start from the safari house and come back to it. Please dress comfortably according to the weather and take drinking water (at least 1 liter) and extra clothes with you and you will also get a dry bag for the duration of the tour. On warm days your swimsuit will do just fine, but also take a cap or similar, sunscreen and sunglasses with you for sun protection. Secure your sunglasses with a cord strap or rope string so they won’t fall off in any scenario during the trip.

Additional information for individual travellers – Bomba and Tahko

Find our full terms and conditions including cancellation policy here.


  • All tours listed are for a minimum of 2 persons paying a full (adult) price, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • For rental products there is no minimum number of persons
  • Mentioning alcohol or narcotics we follow a zero-tolerance policy on our safaris.
  • All activities start at our safari-house, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Refunds will not be granted for any missed activities or inconvenience caused as a result of being late.
  •  All rental products must be delivered back during Safari House opening hours. Please confirm the closing time when picking up the product.
  • When renting equipment for the water, you need to able to swim.


  • The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving license – A1, T, A or B category (please check that it is valid in Finland). For all snowmobile tours we ask you to take your driving license with you.
    Also a copy or photo is suitable.
  • Please note that it is strictly prohibited to drive a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The starting point for the safari is stated in the booking confirmation.
  • The snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the snowmobile. The driver is held liable for a flat rate of 900 € per person in case of an accident. For our shorter snowmobile tours it is possible for the driver to purchase an insurance from Wild Nordic for 15 € per person (subject to change as advised by Wild Nordic), which reduces the maximum liability to 150 € per person.


All tour and equipment rental reservations require a 100% prepayment to be confirmed.

For cancellation, Wild Nordic is to be contacted over the email at [email protected] in Bomba or [email protected] in Tahko with reference to the reservation order number provided by Wild Nordic. All cancellations shall be made during business days (Monday–Friday, 09.00–16.00 +2 GMT). Requested cancellations are subject to the written approval of Wild Nordic.

Each cancellation request is handled individually, also in case of several partial cancellations for the same order. The amount of cancellation fee for each type of service is set out below. The cancellation fee for each canceled service is counted separately. For no-show cases a 100 % cancellation fee is charged. In case of cancellation due to sickness or COVID-19, the normal cancellation terms apply and customers are encouraged to have a personal travel insurance covering this type of costs.

All rental equipment and/or safaris at Bomba:
– 4 or more days prior to the tour, a cancellation fee of 25.00 € is charged
– 3 – 1 days prior to the tour, a cancellation fee 50 % of the amount payable for the canceled portion is charged
– Less than 24 hours prior to the tour, a cancellation fee 100 % of the amount payable for the canceled portion is
Please check and download the full document of terms and conditions from here.

Winter fishing:
– 8 days prior to the tour, a cancellation fee of 25.00 € is charged
– 7–0 days prior to the tour, cancellation fee 100 % of the amount payable for the canceled portion is charged.


Wild Nordic Finland / Bomba
Tuulentie 4, 75500 Nurmes (Bomba)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 40 357 3293

Wild Nordic Finland / Tahko
Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Nilsiä (Tahko)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 500 588 888

if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!



1.6. – 31.8. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, at 10:00

Price includes:

guiding, SUP-board, paddle, leash, life vest, dry bag and snack


  • Allergies: Please inform us if you have any kind of special diet/food allergy
  • Take drinking water with you and dress comfortably according to the weather
  • Sign up for the tour closing at: previous day 12:00
  • Maximum amount of participants: 6 persons

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