Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort


In addition to serving the guests staying at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort, the restaurant also offers special meals for groups. The pre-order catering takes place in the main building.
These meals are Lappish food in the spirit of the Arctic Circle wilderness but with a modern touch.
The food philosophy relies on high-quality local produce. Our menu observes the seasons of the north and caters for all senses.

The main building holds the Moose Bar & Lounge, which also works as the reception, and has two separate dining halls, which can also be used as meeting and conference facilities:
Ruuhipirtti Hall – seats for maximum 65 people;
Teräväpää Hall with open kitchen – seats for maximum 20 people.

Please note the restaurant is not open for daily visits, all meals must be pre-ordered.
Restaurant halls can also be used as meeting and conference facilities.

There is also a wooden teepee hut called Jaarankota located on the Raudanjoki River island.
In Jaarankota we serve unique wilderness meals with people dining around the large open fireplace. The hut is located within a walking distance from the Resort.

Jaarankota has seats for maximum 35 people.