Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort


The Finnish sauna is an integral part of not only Lapland but the whole country.
For Finnish people sauna is the place to relax with friends and family, and the place for physical and mental cleansing as well.
Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort offers pleasant sauna experiences as private shifts, which can be booked in advance or at the reception on spot.
The large riverside sauna has room for approximately 10 people at a time. Next to the riverside sauna there is a hot outdoor bath with a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape.

Note that as the sauna belongs to the serving area of the restaurant, consuming your own drinks there is prohibited.

GROUP PRICES (valid throughout the year)
Riverside sauna for private use, maximum 15 persons: 200€ / 1 - 3 hours
Riverside sauna for private use, minimum 16 persons: 250€ / 1 - 3 hours
Hot outdoor bath: 300€ / 1 - 3 hours (available only with the 1–3 hours sauna shift)

For inspiration and simple instructions, please check these 10 sauna tips for beginners: