The arctic town is located in the crossing of two rivers and has been a meeting point in the north throughout history. The city is surrounded by pure Lappish nature, which you can easily reach in minutes.

Destination advantages and best practises:

  • Best flight connections all year around
  • Compact and modern city center
  • Vast selection of activities, sights and attractions
  • Icebreaker Sampo can easily be reached with a daytrip

Groups up to 1200 persons
Ideal for groups 10 – 450 persons (best selection of venues and activities)

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Hotels Click to openClick to close

  • City Hotel Rovaniemi – centrally located, charming privately owned property with very good standard on rooms and restaurant services. Boutique-like atmosphere in the public areas. Best suited for incentives groups with spouses travelling along.
    Total 90 rooms (Standard, Luxury & Junior Suites)
  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna – the Rovaniemi hotel of a well-known hotel chain in Finland. Excellent property for incentive groups offering personalized and flexible service. Rooms are recently renovated and feature local phenomena like Northern Lights and Arctic Circle. Total 159 rooms (Standard, Superior, Suites)
  • Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus – most famous hotel of the town, located at the central square called “Lordinaukio”. Modern and contemporary hotel with the biggest selection of meeting facilities in the city. Total 168 rooms (Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Suites)
  • Arctic Light Hotel – this high standard boutique hotel was opened in April 2015 and brought a new kind of hotel to town. Each room has its own luxurious design, dedicated to the magical ever-changing light conditions of the north.
    Total 57 rooms in categories Magic, Arctic, Polar and Santa’s Suite.


Activities Click to openClick to close

  • Snowmobile safari to a husky and a reindeer farm, including rides on husky and reindeer sledges and lunch at one of the farms. Enjoy warm drinks by the campfire while listening to stories of the mushers and the reindeer herders.
  • Snow Fun Day is a combination of activities for large groups (from 100 persons). The group is divided into smaller groups / teams the participants get to enjoy various activities: snowmobiling, huskies, snowshoeing, snow sculpting, ice fishing, artisan workshop, etc. Duration and the amount of activities depend on the group size and time available.
  • Sampo Icebreaker cruise departs 1,5 hour bus ride away from Rovaniemi, in Kemi harbour. This 4 hour cruise takes you to the icy fields on Gulf of Bothnia, where the amazing Sampo is breaking the solid ice like it was thin glass and plunges through packed ice without slowing down. You will also have a chance to float in the icy water – dressed in a rescue suit.

Dinner and gala venues Click to openClick to close

  • Dinner on Snow and Ice: illuminated ice sculptures and amazing snow restaurants and bars provide an out of the ordinary setting for a gala-dinner, product launch or award ceremony. There are several snow and ice venues in the area and the capacities are up to 500 persons.
  • Magnificent Santamus is a log house incapsulating one man’s dream and provides memorable golden moments for all its visitors. The purl of a brook, the sounds and smells of nature make you forget time and space for a while and just enjoy the dinner program with music show and amazing waterfall where pictures can be displayed. For the full program the venue can take maximum 100 guests, for dinner only up to 150.
  • Arktikum: the house hosting Lapland’s Provincial Museum and Arctic Research Center functions as a stunning venue for evening events. The exhibitions can be available for the guests while dinner is set in the amazing 172 m long foyer, symbolizing a frozen finger pointing towards the north. Dinner events in Arktikum function for groups between 50 – 300 persons.
  • Santapark, where the eternal Christmas feeling brings joy and a touch of magic to an event held in Santa’s home cavern, 55 m under the Arctic Circle. The venue has an astonishing amount of technology and a large stage, enabling advanced performances and presentations to take place. The largest capacity Santapark can take is 1200 persons, however, smaller groups are not lost in the venue either.
  • Northern Lights Dinner at Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge: nestled in the wilderness, by never-freezing river-rapids lies a rustic log house, greeting you to its warmth. Welcome drinks are served outdoors while some facts and fiction about Northern Lights are told. During the dinner guides will keep an eye out for the lights and will for sure let you know should they appear. On departure we enjoy a fire and ice dance outdoors. The lodge seats 80 persons comfortably.