Ice Climbing Experience at Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls

  • Duration 8-10 hours
  • Suitable for Adults

Day trip to the Korouoma Gorge in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located – some up to 60 meters tall.

Amazing conservation area with rich flora and fauna Korouoma is located roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes car drive from Rovaniemi. Our guide will meet you in the morning at agreed time at the hotel reception in Rovaniemi and has prepared and packed all the relevant gear. Drive to Korouoma.

Hike down to canyon, admire the impressive rocks and ice structures. The experienced instructors will safely introduce you to the world of ice climbing. Climb up the icefall with ice axes and crampons in spectacular environment. The instructor belays (secures) the climber with a top rope, gives tips and encouragement.

After the climbing, it is time to relax together by the warmth of the fire and listen to stories about ice climbing, arctic nature and such. For a meal we will have a barbecue in the canyon by a bonfire. In the evening we will hike back up to the parking lot and drive to Rovaniemi.

Duration: 8-10 hours

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Guaranteed departures

On request daily from 7.01-31.03.2018


280 € per person

Minimum 2 people


  • Bus transportation from Rovaniemi to Korouoma and back
  • Local guide and climbing instructor services
  • Climbing gear: helmet, visor/goggles, harness, crampons, ice axes, footwear (climbing boots or ski boots).
  • Hot drinks, barbeque lunch and storytelling

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Ice climbing in Korouoma
The Korouoma canyon is located in Posio in northern Finland. From Rovaniemi the distance is 115 km.
The protected Korouoma gorge is the finest ice climbing venue in Finland. Every winter, 10-20 ice falls are formed, the largest 60-70 m high. The mightiest and best known is Ruskea virta (’Brown Stream’). Other classics are Mammutti (’Mammoth’) and Jaska Jokunen (’Charlie Brown’).

Additional information
Our instructors are certified by the Finnish Climbing Association. We know the gear, the climbing techniques, and the arctic conditions. You are in good hands.
Small misadventures can still happen, like in all outdoor sports. The most common hazards in ice climbing are frozen toes or fingers, or scratches in the face from falling ice or a punch by the ice axe.
These problems can be minimized by proper clothing and use of safety gear, such as a helmet with a visor. It makes sense, however, please do check that your insurance covers also ice climbing.
All necessary climbing gear is provided by the organiser. We will bring climbing boots, helmets, visors, ice axes, crampons, harnesses, headlamps and ropes.

Personal clothing what you will need to wear:

  • Jacket and pants: water repellent wind-stopper fabrics are great for ice climbing. For example, Gore-Tex ja Softshell materials work well. Clothing should not restrict movement. It is advisable to wear several layers of clothing, as it will then be easier to adjust the layers according to temperature and your activity.
  • Down jacket: You may get hot while climbing, but during breaks it will be chilly. Please bring a down jacket or some other insulated warm coat that you can put on while you are having a break.
  • Gloves: bring 2 pairs of warm gloves, for example downhill ski gloves. If one pair becomes wet, you will have a change of dry spares. It is good to bring also a pair of warm mittens in case your fingers get really cold.
  • Hat: a balaclava works well underneath the helmet. A simple woollen hat is also ok.
  • Neck: don’t forget a neck gaiter or a warm scarf.

What to bring:

Physical activity in the cold consumes energy. The instructor will bring hot drinks for everyone. Bring in your backpack energy bars or gels, nuts or dried fruit etc., and as many sandwiches as you will eat. Chocolate bars are fine too, but note that they might freeze.

It is often cold in Korouoma. You can bring the camera, but keep your camera warm under your clothes, close to your body.