Wheelchair Friendly Safaris

We are offering a selection of safaris which are also available for disabled travellers.
For example:
  • if the person is able to sit in the sleigh without any special support, he/she can take part of any snowmobile safari, as we can pack the wheelchair/ crunches to the sleigh. Longer safaris are not recommended due to the cold.
  • Reindeer safaris are also possible in case the person will stay in the sleigh for all tour, the chair is too big to pack along in the reindeer sleigh, but gives a chance to move around in the farm during the visit.
  • He/she can join also our Husky tours if the seating positions with legs stretched out is suitable.
For all those tours personal care taker (who knows the technics of lifting) etc. is required.
For guests using motorised wheelchair, we provide light foldable chair as a replacement. It is also possible to install skis to the wheels in order to make the moving in snow easier.
If you wish to join our snowmobile safaris, husky our reindeer tours then please let us know (info@wildnordic.fi) and we will find suitable solution for you.